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Exhauster Services in Kitengela

Are you looking for exhauster services? Look no more. Our exhauster service in Kitengela aims to empty the full septic tanks to curb overflowing. We provide services around Kitengela, Athi River, Mlolongo, Isinya, Kajiado, and any other estate located within Nairobi County and its outskirts.

As you know, hygiene is paramount. Keep the surrounding near you and your neighborhood safe by avoiding septic tank blockages. This will curb or mitigate disruptions, bad smells, and other adverse health effects associated with a dirty environment.

Our exhauster service provides timely and speedy service affordable to all stakeholders like households, public amenities, and commercial.

We provide the services based on the number of individuals residing in a given area, frequency of emptying your tank, the size of the cesspit, and the type of tank, and the number of occupants living on that property. The larger the number of occupants, the faster the tank calls for emptying; therefore, we recommend that you have it emptiedfor at least 4 to 9 months. This will ensure we remove the buildup that occurs after some time.

It is vital to cleanse the septic tank after exhausting it to omit the dirt and hardened biofilm on the tank's lower sides.

Our services include;

  • Exhauster services and sewage removal
  • Unblocking sewers
  • Exhauster services
  • Conduct inspection of the sewers

We will be happy to serve you, and our customer care team is always open to calls.

Why us exhauster services?

Our company takes care of all sewerage and exhauster services. We conduct the following; unblocking blocked sewer tanks, drainage of stagnant water, and offering exhaust services. You can agree that sewer blockages are a common problem, and we are ready to solve such a problem.

Please don't let the leaking sewer contaminate the surrounding. Our company can handle various types of sewage and wastewater, and we provide services to private and public institutions.

We promise affordable, professional, and speedy services. We not only unblock the sewer but also identify the root causes of the problem so that preventive measure is taken seriously and mitigate it from recurring, protecting you from the future cost of repairs.

Our lorries have gigantic pumps that suck away the sewage in a few minutes, giving you humble time at the homestead or compound instead of spending the rest of the day doing the same work.

We will ensure that we give you service of high quality and convenience and avoid littering your compound with waste materials that can cause an environmental hazard to your compound and neighbors.

The exhausting trucks are all in good condition and serviced properly; hence no spillage of materials all over the estate as we move from your home. Our dedicated and experienced staff makes sure the task is completed in the shortest time possible and a professional manner.